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7. Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis has a variety of symptoms and its course varies
from person to person. Even while there are no noticeable
symptoms, some damage to the central nervous system may be
Therefore, patients must stick to the prescribed treatment unless
specifically advised otherwise by their medical practitioner.
The signs and symptoms of common multiple sclerosis are:
1. Optic neuritis: This symptom of multiple sclerosis is
inflammation of the optic nerve. With time, you start developing
blurred vision. You may feel the pain behind your eye at times, but
it may lessen when you turn your eye.
2. Loss of muscle strength in arms and legs: The nervous
system controls the motor function that powers our movement.
People with multiple sclerosis lose the muscular strength of their
arms and legs as the disease progresses. Slowly, they lose control
of their fingers.
This may lead to paralysis of the leg or arm.
3. Changes in the sense of touch: The disease damages the
fibers that provide the fingers and other parts of the body with the
sensation of hot or cold. Then, the body may feel a burning
sensation or cold even though the environment is not causing it.
4. Pain: You may often feel a burning pain in your legs and arms.
Multiple sclerosis may damage the nerves of your face and lead to a
painful condition known as ‘trigeminal neuralgia.’
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