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3. Progressive, Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis: Progressive
relapsing multiple sclerosis shows steady progression of the level of
disability from the first time that the symptoms begin to appear.
This form of multiple sclerosis progresses from the very beginning.
There may be significant recovery after a relapse but overall the
symptoms continue to worsen significantly.
4. Primary, Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: The characteristic of
this type of multiple sclerosis is the gradual progression of the
disease. This phase occurs in about 10% of people with multiple
sclerosis. When the person had primary progressive multiple
sclerosis, there are high chances of a body disability in the person.
The person does not suffer from acute attacks and this makes the
initial diagnosis more difficult. Primary Progressive multiple sclerosis
often passes to the brain but rarely does damage to the brain areas.
There is less chance for a person with primary progressive multiple
sclerosis to develop cognitive impairment.
Other Common Terms for Multiple Sclerosis:
1. Benign multiple sclerosis: This type describes the kind of
multiple sclerosis that a person may have for years, but it has not
caused any disability.
2. Malignant multiple sclerosis: This is the term used for the
form of multiple sclerosis where the disease rapidly progresses and
brings severe disability to the body. This is a rare type of multiple
3. Chronic Progressive multiple sclerosis: Primary Progressive
and Secondary Progressive together are teamed Chronic
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