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6. Types of Multiple Sclerosis
1. Relapsing, or Remitting, Multiple Sclerosis: The main
characteristic of this type of Multiple Sclerosis is relapses; during
which some new symptoms may appear while the previous ones
may be less or recur to the same level as before.
Remission usually follows the period of relapse. During this phase
the patient may partly recover from the deficiencies that were
caused by the relapse.
Relapsing or remitting sclerosis is diagnosed when the patient is at
the age of twenty or thirty. The relapse may start slowly or happen
quickly. It may last for days or even months. Women are affected
twice as much than men are with this type of multiple sclerosis.
After 10 years, 50% of the people with relapsing/remitting multiple
sclerosis develop secondary progressive.
2. Secondary, Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: This form of
sclerosis progresses steadily with gradual deterioration of the nerve
function. After years of this disease, the person will gradually enter
the secondary phase.
In the second stage, the disease worsens between relapses. At the
beginning of the secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, the
patient may suffer from few relapses. This gradually becomes a
steady progression.
People with secondary progressive may experience bad and good
times that last days or even weeks; but there is almost no chance of
complete recovery.
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