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5. Who Gets Multiple Sclerosis?
Age: Multiple sclerosis occurs mostly in people between the ages of
20 and 40. The average age for this disease is 30 and the most
patients symptoms appear in their mid-twenties. However, this
disease can also occur, rarely, in children and older people over 60
Gender: Women are twice as likely to be affected by this disease as
men are. Statistics also show a continuing rise among women. But,
men are often more seriously affected by this disease than women.
Ethnicity: Multiple sclerosis is found in most countries. It is more
common in Caucasian people living in Northern Europe; especially
Scotland. This disease is rare in Asian and African people.
Geography: The risk of multiple sclerosis varies with different
regions of the world. The disease is more common in the temperate
regions than the tropics. It is more prevalent in Northern and
central Europe except the Scandinavia. Low risk areas are Africa,
Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and even Northern South America. It is
not clear whether this mostly due to environmental reasons or
genetic reasons.
Family History: Multiple sclerosis may also occur due to the family
history of the disease. However, there is only a low chance (2 to
4%) of inheriting all the genetic factors of the disease. When
siblings have this disease, the severity and occurrence of the
disease are likely to be about the same for each.
Cow’s Milk during early infancy: Mother’s milk contains all the
factors that help the baby’s body to control the immune responses.
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