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Bowel, urinary and sexual dysfunction: Bowel dysfunction, like
constipation, occurs in people with multiple sclerosis. This
dysfunction may be due to medications. Two-thirds of the people
suffering from multiple sclerosis also complain of urinary problems
due to bladder dysfunction.
Another problem that occurs is sexual dysfunction. Both male and
female patients may have problems in achieving sexual satisfaction.
Cognitive impairment: Most people with multiple sclerosis have
trouble concentrating and focusing. The severity increases as the
degree of damage done to brain tissue increases.
Depression: Around 40% to 60% of people suffering from multiple
sclerosis suffer from depression. They sometimes commit suicide
while depressed.
Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis (loss of bone density) occurs due to
immobility and some medications. Factures caused by falls in people
with multiple sclerosis tend to be more serious than with people
suffering from many other diseases.
Lung Problems: With the weakening of the muscles, there comes
difficulty in coughing. The result of this may be a higher chance of
getting pneumonia and other lung complications.
The Effects at a Glance:
1. Multiple sclerosis destroys the myelin sheath, the layer that
protects the nerve cells.
2. It affects many body functions, including speech, memory,
vision and body movements.
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