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3. The Immune System and Multiple Sclerosis
Immune System
There are about 60 trillion cells in the human body. This is an
excellent environment for microbes to grow in and live happily. Most
microbes do not cause any trouble for us. In fact, some are very
beneficial and help us digest our food.
However, some microbes (known as the pathogens) can cause our
body much trouble and even prove fatal. The immune system fights
these harmful microbes.
Our immune system has two parts: the innate, or the natural
system, and the acquired, or the specific, immune system. The cells
from both these groups are equally involved in the damage caused
by multiple sclerosis.
Relation between the Immune System and Multiple Sclerosis
When a person suffers from multiple sclerosis, the body cells invade
their own tissues, treating them like their enemy in a war.
There is some evidence that indicates multiple sclerosis is an
autoimmune disease. These are disorders of the immune system.
The immune system is responsible for identifying the harmful
invaders of the body and destroying them. A recent study focused
on how the immune system reacts in the people with multiple
The study indicated that multiple sclerosis causes abnormalities in
the immune system. The first evidence is the presence of white
blood cells that react with the protein found in the myelin sheath.
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