Living Life with Constant Energy and Bliss HTML version

5￿To my wife Veronique
I thank God for sending you to me! Thank you for your patience and words of encouragement
throughout the writing of this book. You are a true angel.
Out of all the books I’ve read and programs I’ve seen dealing with energy and wellbeing, very
few of them offer any real suggestions and solutions which work the way I am lead to believe.
Most just give you some theory and throw in a few ideas about what you should be doing.
However, they fail to give any solid, practical suggestions on how exactly to go about doing it.
For example, many authors give the same old “be grateful” speech and give you some vague
idea that you need to practice being grateful. Okay, that is all well and good. Most would agree
that being grateful is a good idea. But if you are like me, I need more practical guidance than
that. I need exercises; step by step suggestions that walk me through the process of how one is
supposed to exude gratitude. How is this done? Are we supposed to just look up to the sky
and say “hey, thanks for my house, my car, and my laptop?”
Other authors write in similar generalizations and say pious phrases such as, “honor yourself.”
Well once again; what does this mean and how should we go about doing that? What exactly
does honoring yourself entail?
In addition, any well written book should enable you to fully comprehend the specific benefits of
putting these solutions into practice. Precisely, what will you achieve? How will you feel?
When can you expect solid results? You should understand the bigger picture, yet at the same
time have real solutions and processes to work with that help you attain the stated benefits.
It was for these reasons that I wrote this book. I have literally scoured through hundreds of
books and programs on self help, love, energy, happiness, relationships, and spirituality. You
name it, I’ve probably read it. Some of these were more effective than others and even offered
a few decent suggestions and solutions. However, most had a commonality of neglecting the
first and most basic step towards “having it all”, “living with passion”, “finding your true purpose”,
or whatever other idea was being sold. That commonality was this: without a healthy self love
and love for others, it is almost impossible to achieve those ideals and be that person who lives
with constant energy and bliss; the kind of person who seems to have so much love and energy
flowing out from them every second of every day; the kind of person who seems to be victorious
in all areas of life; the kind of person who truly attracts what they desire.
Whether it be a relationship, your health, career, or basically any area of life where improvement
is both possible and desired, it all boils down to one very basic concept: the flow of ENERGY,
and the desire to have life, and life more abundantly. Whatever area of your life that is out of
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