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to the presentations' airing time to be able to watch it, and they have to watch them
entirely or risk missing out on some details.
But, let's take a look at this from a different perspective...
If you've been to sites that offer live streaming videos, you might have noticed that a
lot of them have a "chat box" alongside the video frame. THAT enables you, as a
broadcaster, to be in touch with your audience on a personal level (just as your
audience can communicate with each other) in real-time.
Just imagine all the possibilities that can come with that! You will be able to
understand your audience better and get new ideas from them. You can also
instantly give answers and clarifications to their queries. And, since everything's
happening in real-time, you will be able to modify your presentation at a moment's
notice to suit your audience better. Now, this changes the definition of "flexibility"
quite a bit, doesn't it?
And no matter what the comparative studies are currently showing, with
technologies advancing as rapidly as they are, we can only expect live video
streaming to get better quality-wise over time.
The Future of Internet Video
According to a forecast on global IP traffic released by Cisco in August 2007, video
will contribute to a 21% compound annual growth rate in business IP across wide
area networks from 2006 to 2011 as high-speed broadband connections become
more commonplace. Along with that, the bandwidth consumed by internet/online
video streaming and downloading will grow from 9% of all internet traffic in 2006 to
30% in 2011.
A more recent article on (by Sarah Perez, published in
September 8, 2009) says that online video consumption will be measured in
exabytes by 2017. An exabyte, by the way, is equivalent to one billion gigabytes or
one quintillion bytes.
With those kinds of projections, it's fairly safe to assume that online video sites in
general, particularly those that are currently already established and popular, will
continue to grow, and rapidly at that, in terms of garnering more traffic and
membership registration. This includes live video streaming sites which are said to
have increased in demand among users in early 2009, an event with which Ustream