Live Streaming HTML version

If you paid close attention to the examples of telecommunications/multimedia-
playback devices, you might have already gotten the idea that streaming media is
nothing new. Well, you can't be any further from the truth! It's not new to the
internet either. Remember RealPlayer? Now, we have sites like Metacafe, YouTube,
Vimeo, and Veoh that offer streaming videos. In addition to that, we also have
countless internet radio sites that stream radio programs over the internet.
But, and that's a really big 'BUT', due to technological advances, streaming media, or
more specifically, streaming video, has recently been experiencing rapid growth and
gaining tremendous popularity among internet users and it continues to do so right
at this very moment as evidenced by various video sharing and search sites
sprouting all over the web like mushrooms.
Live Versus Archived
Streaming videos come in two types. One is these is the archived/pre-recorded video.
This is the type that most video-sharing/streaming sites (like the ones mentioned
earlier) are offering and is currently the more popular of the two. With streaming
archived videos, users can watch their favorite shows at any time they want. In
other words, archived/pre-recorded videos can be viewed "on-demand".
The second type is the live streaming video. When we talk about live streaming
videos, we are talking about REAL-TIME. And this is what we are really going to talk
about here.
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Live streaming video has, time and again, been pitted against archived video with
"live" being seen as the underdog every time. Analysts cite video quality as one of the
areas in which live streamed videos fail tremendously. In addition, live streamed
videos are also seen as lacking in flexibility such that viewers must tie their schedules