Little Eyolf HTML version

Act Third
[An elevation, overgrown with shrubs, in ALLMERS'S garden. At the back a
sheer cliff, with a railing along its edge, and with steps on the left leading
downwards. An extensive view over the fiord, which lies deep below. A flagstaff
with lines, but no flag, stands by the railing. In front, on the right, a summer-
house, covered with creepers and wild vines. Outside it, a bench. It is a late
summer evening, with clear sky. Deepening twilight.]
[ASTA is sitting on the bench, with her hands in her lap. She is wearing her
outdoor dress and a hat, has her parasol at her side, and a little travelling-bag on
a strap over her shoulder.]
[BORGHEIM comes up from the back on the left. He, too, has a travelling-bag
over his shoulder. He is carrying a rolled-up flag.]
BORGHEIM. [Catching sight of ASTA.] Oh, so you are up here!
ASTA. Yes, I am taking my last look out over the fiord.
BORGHEIM. Then I am glad I happened to come up.
ASTA. Have you been searching for me?
BORGHEIM. Yes, I have. I wanted to say good-bye to you for the present. Not
for good and all, I hope.
ASTA. [With a faint smile.] You are persevering.
BORGHEIM. A road-maker has got to be.
ASTA. Have you seen anything of Alfred? Or of Rita?
BORGHEIM. Yes, I saw them both.
ASTA. Together?
BORGHEIM. No--apart.
ASTA. What are you going to do with that flag?
BORGHEIM. Mrs. Allmers asked me to come up and hoist it.
ASTA. Hoist a flag just now?
BORGHEIM. Half-mast high. She wants it to fly both night and day, she says.