Little Book Open - Securing a Narrow Clear Passage to the Future HTML version

Now look at how we are living. This is the same
confusion that we made with our speaking. Instead
of speaking hope, faith, and love, we were just
talking about what we saw or heard, not realizing
that we were speaking fear, despair, and hate. It
seems odd that we were living this way. We turned
everything against ourselves and then wondered
why God made everything against us. He didn't,
we did. He's simply responding to us. In fact, in
many cases he's not responding to us; He's simply
trying to keep us from getting hurt. That's why He's
hiding his eyes from you, why he's not listening, for
your sake. Everything he does is for your sake.
Finally, the morning light is starting to come into this
darken world. He loves you.
This world is a much simpler place then we give it
credit, and much richer. Before people knew about
fire they lived in the cold. And when they had fire
they had burns until they learned how to use it.
We're getting burnt because we are not following
the instructions, the one provided by the Lord
himself. We need to see the world as he sees it,
knowing that our existence is in Him.
It's time to sing a new song, a song of love and joy.
It's time to sing a new song, a song of life. Of
liberty, and mercies, and joy throughout your life.
Of knowing where you fit in, of simplicity, of doing
things that's right. It's time to set aside our grieves
and go to God tonight.