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This is a philosophy book. It is my attempt:
1. To correlate an understanding about life
and the universe into an inclusive whole.
2. To get to the essence of science and a
relationship with God.
3. To see the truth without abstract dogma
and dismissive intellectuals getting in the
4. To understand reality.
This may be a strange starting point; connecting
religion and science. Many feel that these
occupations are opposites of each other and can
never relate. But they are both a search for truth
and if we are honest with ourselves we can obtain
insights here. And insight is the one thing that we
need now more than ever if we are going to enter a
new age.
This is a little book open for understanding. It is not
buried in math, abstract ideas, or high sounding
words. It is based upon the fact that concepts must
be as simple as possible. And these few simple
concepts will provide us the insights needed to
obtain the narrow, clear passage to a rich and
glorious future.
I have a new view of reality. It’s based upon
looking at the discoveries of Physics and unifying
the concepts into a single approach I’ve called
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