Little Book Open - Securing a Narrow Clear Passage to the Future HTML version

are things so awful? It is because we forgot who
we are. We are responsible for keeping things in
order. We have no one to blame but ourselves. So
how do we correct it? That's the question. For
anyone can philosophize, but we want to be able do
something that makes a difference. We need to
understand what reality is.
There is another universe other than the physical
universe, this is the universe within. And there are
three major parts to this universe: faith, hope and
love. This is our connection to heaven and to hell.
For faith can become fear, hope can become
despair, and love can become hate. And our
insides affect our outsides, our very environment for
the whole world is alive, every particle and every
light beam. You are the keeper of your world. It is
generated from your heart.
But in order to understand we first have to know.
And to know we have to see. So the next three
chapters are about God as the first three chapters
were about us. These three chapters show three
sides to God's nature, three sides to His creative
powers, three sides to His purpose.