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Book 2 Chapter 5: Physics Revisited
Using the model of the electron I wish to go back to
the various guiding concepts of physics and re-
exam this models behavior against these theories
and ideas. If the elemental particle behaves in
accordance to these theories then a unity will exist
to physics. This has been my goal since the
beginning. Currently many of these theories are
disconnected from each other. And it not because
any of these theories are wrong; it was simply the
fact that no one has tried to put everything together.
There was no glory in it. Note that in many cases
these theories are approximations, attempts to
make order from experimental data. The
benchmarking may not be a perfect fit. However if
the benchmarking is close enough to fit any
observations made upon this planet then I will be
more than happy.
The following benchmarks are from a great many
visionaries of science. I will only mention the main
leaders who gathered the evidence together and
brought order to the results. As such I will review
Newton’s, Einstein’s, Schrodinger’s, Dirac’s and
Maxwell’s theories and results. In many cases we
will have to revisit the concepts that guided these
theories to get to the essence of their truths. And it
is important that only the simplest concepts be
used. That’s a must for any discovery of truth.