Little Book Open - Securing a Narrow Clear Passage to the Future HTML version

not want to know why, read no further. For I have
come to the end of my quest and have reached a
vision so profound, so enormous and so simple that
it has taken my breath away. And it has changed
my view of the universe. So come no further if you
don’t want your universe rocked!
And one last thought if you are willing to go on. As
an old man my thoughts are different than when I
was younger. I thought I had all of the time in the
world and I was going to conquer the universe.
Now I realize as time runs out that it had nothing to
do with conquering. Instead the universe wants to
be understood as much as we want to understand
it. We’re joined. And at times our concepts will
change as our knowledge increases but we should
never throw away the old. It stills a part of who we
are and how we understand the universe. This is in
the simplest way to state the theory of Ubiquity.
Everything is interconnected. Everything exists and
has value. And you are a part of it.
David Butterworth, Earth 2008