Little Book Open - Securing a Narrow Clear Passage to the Future HTML version

illusion that time is speeding up.
Walk the walk of faith, trusting God. Be part of His
body. Do what He asks you to do. And enter into
His peace. And always compare it against the
Bible, against what Jesus said, for He has never
changed His viewpoint and He never will.
Don't be forward, be meek. Don't go in anger, go in
love. Don't be the avenger, be the peace maker.
Don't take the law into your own hands, but give
due to all in authority. Don't take advantage, but be
merciful. Don't go after your rights, but go after
someone else's rights. Comfort each other and
carry each other burdens as you can. Don't be a
rich man in a society that hungers. Don't be the
lawyer that tempts the Lord. Don't be like Adam
who went against the Lord. Life is calling and it’s a
time for new beginning. For beginnings are always
free and open for discoveries.