Little Book Open - Securing a Narrow Clear Passage to the Future HTML version

new way for we know what we’ve done with the old
ways and we see the results. It’s time to turn our
lives around.
If you have ever felt unimportant, read this book. If
you feel that you have never been allowed to
accomplish the things that you wanted to
accomplish, read this book. If you are looking for
more, look here for this is a new beginning. And
this book will be unlike any book that you have read
before, for I will not be bound by the traditions of
men. I am searching for something new.
You need to read this book today; you may not
have tomorrow. You can have your life back. You
can have everything that has been stolen from you
and more! You have a purpose for your life, a
reason for being here. You’re important. Help me
with this mission. Explore this book. Read it and
grow. If you believe it, then help me prove it and
turn our future into something glorious.
David Butterworth, Earth 2011