List Boosters HTML version

List Booster #1
“Everyone Forgets About Their Backend –
That’s Where Most Action Takes Place”
No, I’m not talking about your own backend; I’m talking about your
product's backend – Your “Thank-you” page.
In this strategy, I’m going to show you how to collect a list of hungry
customers just waiting to buy from you.
In many cases, I've had up to 100% of the people who bought my
product also optin to my free newsletter.
But what if I hadn’t placed the optin form after they purchased? I
would have lost them forever, rather than gaining life-long, loyal
The idea is simple…
On any of your “download” or “thank-you” pages, simply place your
mailing list information and optin form after you place the links of the
actual product they purchased from you.
You can also place it BEFORE your customer even downloads the
product from you. This forces the person to optin to your list.
Here’s an example of an optin form on a product’s download page: