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Lisa and her Beaver HTML version

Lisa and her beaver
Copyright 2014 Geoff Lynch
Chapter 1
School house rock
Judd looked in the car and watched Lisa rifle through her bag of clothes while
tapping his finger on his c amera and losing his patience. She was digging for the right outfit
for their photo-shoot, parked on the side of a gravel road next to a large abandon building
which was in m ajor disrepair. The property was fenc ed with the exception of the entrance
which had no gate or signs warning against tres passers. On the west side was a barbed
wire fence with a sign that told of how this building used to be an old school house with the
date of its construction. Both Judd and Lisa thought this would make a great s pot for a
shoot, especially if they could get inside the building.
“You about ready?” Judd asked.
“I‟m looking for my lip gloss,” Lisa replied, digging in her bag.
“I don‟t want to spend a lot of time here, you never know who might show up.”
“It‟s public property,” Lisa replied.
“Are you sure?”
“There is nothing saying we can‟t be here, it used to be an old school house, and this
must be public property.”
Judd looked to the north towards the nearest farm hous e and wondered if anyone
was at home. Although this looked like public land, who knew for sure?
“I found it,” Lisa said and got out of the car, she was topless, wearing only a miniskirt
and cowgirl boots.”
“You better cover your tits,” Judd said. “Lots of country folk out here would love to
catch a shot of your boobs.”
Lisa pulled out som e clothes and bunched them up against her chest. “There,
nobody will see anything.”
“Let‟s go,” Judd said and led Lisa down the path to the property, Judd paused for a
moment wondering if this was really public property or not. “Let‟s make this quick,” he
added and helped Lisa walk across t he s oft ground to the abandon building fifty yards away.
“I have some ideas if we can get in the building,” Judd said.
“Like what?”
“I want to do a full topless set before we do the nudes, do you still want porn?” he
“Yeah, I want everything,” she replied knowing she needed a set to send to the porn
modeling site.
“Did you bring toys?”
“I brought a dildo,” she replied. “I‟ll use my fingers for everything else.”