Liquid Sky HTML version

The bridge was silent. Everyone stared at Ianus, obviously curious about his
inability to act, even though they did not ask. They could see the distress clearly on his
face. Whatever had happened, they knew better than to pry it out of him. He would
explain when he was ready.
“We are receiving a signal from Kur-gal,” said Tuun.
Pryor looked over at Ianus, but he was trapped in his own mind, “Put it through,”
said Pryor, hoping his nephew would be all right.
The main view screen flickered to life. The lion-like face of an Ubasti surveyed
the bridge. “Kur-gal station here,” he said, rolling his R’s in the back of his throat. “We
have monitored weapons fire in your vicinity. Do you require assistance?”
“We were able to fight off the ship, but you should send out a patrol, they may
come back,” Pryor glanced back at Ianus.
“What is your business on Kur-gal?”
“We are here to visit Selwyn Avrum, may we have clearance for the landing
“Clearance granted.” The Ubasti punched something into the console in front of
him, “Continue your approach and please, enjoy your visit.”
The screen went black.
Daru transferred her monitor display to the main viewer.
The image of a bright blue orb grew larger. A silvery white dot expanded into the
gleaming station. Three concentric rings spun around; lights flashed brilliant reds and
blues around the outermost ring. Below the station, a thin line hung down, suspending
three concave dishes back to back. Lightning swirled and danced around the dishes.
Tuun directed the Valkyrie toward the dishes.
“Transmitting clearance code,” said Tuun.
A red beam shot from the Valkyrie’s starboard wing.
A cerulean bubble swelled in the heart of the dish, splattering open, the entire dish
went deep blue.
Lightning flashed around the Valkyrie as she entered the vortex. The image on
the view screen went deep blue and melted away into the beautiful scene of Kur-gal’s
southernmost ocean and cloudless sky.
In the distance, the verdant green coastline came into view, followed by the
golden wood of the docking berths.
“We are receiving a message from the port,” said Maya. She quickly looked over
at Pryor, who excused himself and left the bridge. Selwyn is waiting for us at the dock.”
Relief engulfed Ianus, “We should prepare Ihy to move.”