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Ianus awoke on a cold, hard bed. Sitting up, his eyes slowly focused in the bright
light. Daru’s face broke into a smile.
“Good, you’re awake,” she said, brushing her hand across his forehead.
“Where am I?” His throat was soar.
“You are on the SRV Kanthaka. It had just come into orbit to pick up Barami and
Tara. They had the best medical facilities in the system.”
“Where’s Ihy?” Ianus glanced about the room.
“He’s in a bed next door. The doctors are doing everything they can for him.”
“He’s still alive?” Ianus threw off the blanket. He was still in his initiatory robes
and surcoat. “I have to see him.”
“No, you don’t!” Daru held him down. “Just sit down and listen to me.” Ianus
gave her a hard look, but settled down to hear her out. “They had to sedate you just to get
Ihy away from you. It’s understandable given what had just happen. You were in a
terrible panic, which your system doesn’t need. You still have some of that torturous gas
in your system. You need your rest.”
“I have to see him. I have to see with my own eyes that he is still alive.”
Daru’s lips quivered. “Do you think you can keep yourself calm?”
Ianus sighed, “I won’t do anything rash, if that’s what you are afraid of. I just
have to know I did the right thing.”
Daru gave a defeated huff, and stepped out of the way. Taking Ianus by the hand,
she led him to Ihy’s bedside.
Pryor sat with his back to the door, and his arms around Maya. They both turned
and nodded at Ianus. Maya wiped a tear from her eye. Her eyes were red and a bit puffy.
The doctors had cleaned Ihy up considerably. Various tubes ran into him from
every side. One obviously delivered blood, another some strange aquamarine fluid, Ianus
guessed was medicine. His skin was radiating a brighter blue than it had the last time
Ianus had seen him.
“How is he?” Ianus asked, afraid he already knew the answer.
Maya stood up and sniffled into her handkerchief, “I think I need to pace about
for a while.”