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Kahlil Vamu Shaa stood silently before Ianus. The candle light highlighted his
chiseled features; compassion radiated from his childlike, blue eyes. “We have been
waiting for you a long time, Ianus Akeru.” He said, stepping forward into the faint light
of the candle in Ianus’ left hand.
“Vamu Shaa?” Ianus couldn’t move, “It can’t be you. You’ve been dead for
more than four thousand years!”
Kahlil nodded, “I have served the Light. I learned at the feet of Tien Shaa
himself, and I have slept for so long. O, Ianus, what dreams I’ve seen, since my body
passed to dust. Prepare yourself, you will meet many dreamers this night. Guard your
heart against the nightmares that may come.”
“What Nightmares?”
“You must be awake now, one day your sleep will come. Now is the time for
living. Be alert,” a lamp and a red periapt appeared in Kahlil’s hands.
“Now listen well,” Kahlil said sternly, “Be sure to see into its heart.”
Kahlil handed Ianus the crimson periapt and the lamp. The candle that was in his
hand had disappeared. Ianus stared at the rich, blood colored stone of the periapt.
“I don’t understand,” said Ianus, “How do I see into its heart?”
“Be open to it and it will be open to you,” Kahlil smiled. “Patience opens many
Out from the shadows behind Kahlil, a beautiful woman with olive skin, green
eyes, and curly black hair walked up to Ianus. She carried a leather wine skin over her
“Seraphin?” Ianus exclaimed.
The woman nodded, “Follow me.” She led Ianus off into the darkness. Ianus
smiled tentatively as he walked past Kahlil.
“What is in the wine skin?” Ianus asked.
“The sky,” lightning flashed. A lamp flickered to life in the hand of a red haired
girl, standing beside a golden throne. On the throne sat an older woman with a kindly
face and a brilliant glimmer in her eyes.
“Uma Nari!” Ianus stared at the throne. Slowly, he looked back at the younger
woman by her right side, “Phaedra?”
“Yes, my dear,” Uma said softly, “I have been pleased by the devotion you have
shown to my son, and the service you have paid to the Light.”
“O holy Mother!” Ianus face brightened, and tears welled up in his eyes, “I have
done what I’ve had to do, to save my father.”