Liquid Sky HTML version

Ianus and Daru ran through the garden labyrinth hand in hand, laughing and
giggling like little children. They reached the center and collapsed on a dark, wooden
bench. They laughed, tears streaming down their faces, their breath quick and panting.
“It’s good,” Ianus gasped, “It’s so good to see you again. How long will you be
“I have no idea,” Daru muttered as she regained her composure, “Pryor just came
in and announced his decision. I hope we can stay for at least a month, I’m so tired of
sleeping in a different bed on a different planet every week.”
“Well, at any rate, I’m glad you’re here. I miss having someone here to talk to.
What have you been doing?”
“We have been in the service of the Camarilla. Master Theron seems to believe
that the Ual-leen are on the rise again. He has sent us from parish to parish investigating
suspected bases.”
“Have you found any?”
“No, not one. We have heard interesting rumors that the Enmadra are on the
move again. We haven’t found any proof for that either.”
“Maybe that’s what you are doing here? A large number of terrorists have been
arrested in Shiloh lately. Maya told me that there is some evidence that they were
involved in the Ual-leen.”
Daru straightened her back, and looked away, “Then why wouldn’t Pryor tell me?
He told me before every other visit? He even gave me the case files.”
Biting his lip, “Maybe Ihy told him not too— Ihy has been talking about the Great
Machine much more often. Maybe they know for sure and they don’t want to place you
in danger.”
“I can’t believe Pryor would be trying to protect me! This is why I took on the
order of the Predicant. No, that can’t be it.”
“Maybe he had a vision like the one I had at my day of Ascension.”
“What vision?” Daru leaned in close to him.
“O, it’s not important,” Ianus hopped off the bench, “Forget I brought it up. It
was just a side effect of the merging.”
“Ianus, don’t lie to me! You’ve never been able to lie to me. I’ve known you
forever. What vision are you talking about?”
“Ihy says that I’m an augur. I had a strange vision. Blood, pain… it has
something to do with the Ual-leen, I think. Look! I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Don’t you believe in visions?”
“No! I know science and meditation. It was just an illusion! There is no such
thing as magic!”