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Faroh slowly walked back to Dov Lavan’s tomb. Nothing had ever scared him as
bad as seeing Adir Radd walking the streets of Usekht Maati. It was a primal fear, an
instinct buried deep in his unconscious mind. Where there is fear, there is weakness.
Weakness can always be exploited.
He had spent his entire life honing his skills as a warrior. He had faced so many
savage creatures that saw him only as food. He was steady as a rock. Why did the image
of Adir Radd trouble him so much.
“Could it be guilt?” The voice of Lavan asked.
“Why would I be guilty? You killed him not me. I’m sure you had a good
“I could see in his eyes that he would stand in the way of our mission. The truth
must be served, no matter the cost.”
It would never happen again. Faroh was sure of that. He had known fear, and
nothing happened. It was unfounded. Remove the foundation, and the tower must fall.
Obedience was all that should fill his mind. From now on he would be on guard.
Stooping to enter the Ara’lu’s tomb, he found Cythraul talking to a frail, female
“Welcome back, Faroh,” said Cythraul as he beckoned him into the antechamber,
“Was your night productive?”
“Not as such,” said Faroh, “Who is this?”
“This is Lawh-ren Gunda, she is one of the few who joined in my rebellion
against the throne that is still with us.”
“Where are the others?”
“They are dead. War is costly after all. That won’t matter soon, will it? She has
been my envoy to several governments that are sympathetic to our cause. She was just
reporting her progress.”
“Well, how goes the effort? And why haven’t I heard anything about this.”
“Because they are a safe guard to keep you in line!” The voice of Lavan laughed.
“First things first,” said Cythraul. “We have our work to do here before we can
go down that road.”
“What were you able to find out?” Gunda asked, “Are they ripe for the picking?”
“Not exactly. There is no sign of the Enmadra. It appears they have yet to return.
I saw no patrols on the walls and the towers were empty.”
“So what’s the problem?” Gunda asked.
“I ran into Tara Lael. She was a fellow servant of Panthera. She recognized me.”
“That’s minor,” said Cythraul, “That can’t be what’s troubling you.”