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“We have to get in there,” Ianus began to pace around the bridge.
“After that display of power, I suggest we don’t try to land within the walls,”
Maya returned to the communication station.
“According to legend, there are four gates into Tai-Wer located near each of the
four rivers,” said Khensu, “One in the north, another in the south, and one in the east and
the west.”
“But how are we going to get past the guardians?” Daru asked. “They have
successfully stopped people from passing for millennia.”
“We’ll deal with them when the time comes,” said Ianus.
Confused, he listened to the swirling suggestions and arguments that surrounded
him. He wondered where Tara had run off to. Why had she stolen the To’asaa again?
Sorrow overwhelmed him, and he saw her in pain.
She struggled with a great darkness. Ianus understood the war waging through
her mind. It was the same in his own. Minor choices had swelled into titanic forces that
threatened to devour them both. In everyone’s life the time comes to decide whether to
be controlled by their past, or to take control over their own life. Things that seemed so
trivial at the time had developed into so many nightmares and vicious chills that hunger
for every bit of available free time.
Ianus could just go home to Shiloh and live a comfortable life. There was no
reason for him to go on except for his own curiosity. The voices had told him to go, but
was that really a reason to dare the darkness ahead? He had taken up vows, and done
everything in his power to save his father. Why risk everyone for a blind quest into the
He stared at the vacant territory within the walls. Now, he could make up his own
mind. There was only the nagging desire to unmask the phantoms that had lead him to
this place, and revenge. They had murdered his father, after all.
A sinister grin crept across his face.
“Unless there are any arguments,” Ianus said, “We should land at the south gate,
and travel north into Tai-Wer. If you are going to do something foolish, you might as
well do it right. After we land, we will split up and explore the city. Hopefully, we can
find out where we’re going. We’ll meet at the gate at sunset to figure out our next
There was no argument.
“Aashen, please come with me,” said Ianus, “The rest of you take the ship down.”
Ianus and Aashen left the bridge, and made their way toward the docking hatch.
“What did you want?” Aashen asked.
“You know I’ve always trusted your advice.”