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Ianus sat on the corner of his bed. The ‘vision’ still haunted him. Had he acted
too rashly? He was always getting too hot under the collar and running off into danger.
He needed to talk to someone, but who? If he told Daru, they would have another
pointless argument about going to the Forbidden Lands of Adrakaya. He didn’t want
another argument. He wanted to talk to Ihy, but that was out of the question. Neither
Pryor nor Maya would give him objective advice, and he didn’t know any of the others
well enough to ask them.
Stretching over the bed, he picked up his Benben-stone. He sat up. Motionless,
he stared at the strange writing and inlaid gold across the top. He ran his finger across
the lettering.
Flames spiraled out of the obelisk in his hand, and Nahimanna, the Bennu,
swooped around him. She landed on the bed and looked at him.
“Remember you said if I ever needed insight or inspiration I should come to
you… well, I need someone to talk to, and I really don’t have anyone.”
“You don’t need to be so gloomy about it, Sir,” Nahimanna said, her voice almost
lyrical, “I am not an imaginary friend. I do have a mind. I think. I can even reason with
people when given half a chance.”
“I’m sorry. You are the first Eidolon I’ve ever, well, known. Until I met you, I
had always thought of your kind as toys.”
“You know, in the old days, makers would call on us for wise counsel, and
summon hordes of my kind to serve as armies.”
“I’ve read the stories,” Ianus said, forcing the nightmares out of his mind, “They
refer to eidolons as spirits, how was I supposed to know they were the same thing.”
“I’m sorry, sir, I did not mean to get you angry. I hear a great many things, and
the things I’ve heard lately have rather ruffled my feathers. What does sir need of me?”
Ianus scooted himself up onto the bed, and folded his legs. “I’ve had another
vision, but there was something wrong with it. I saw Uma Nari wearing a breastplate and
carrying a spear. The funny thing is in the middle, she looked like a dead old man.”
“It couldn’t have been Uma Nari, she would have never been dressed for battle.
That much is certain. You said, it turned into a dead old man?”
Ianus struggled to remember the face, “An old man with ashy blue skin.”
“Did you, perchance, feel something brush against your face?”