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Daru slept well after she heard that none of Pryor or Barami’s wounds were
serious. The next morning, she met Ianus at breakfast. She felt a little odd in his
presence. After all that she had seen last night, she didn’t really know what to say.
“Are you going to sit down, or are you just going to stand there?” Ianus asked,
pointing to an empty seat across the table from him.
“O, sorry,” Daru sat down, and stared at her tray, “I was just thinking about last
“I know, I can’t believe you let Karu Panthera escape.”
Daru pushed her seat back, and drummed her fingers on the table. “I was a little
busy. There were two injured makers, and you were on fire!”
“On fire? What do you mean, on fire?”
“Your entire body was engulfed in flames— I’ve never seen anything like it.
How did you do that?”
“I didn’t realize…” Images flashed through his mind, “I noticed a slight glow, but
I had no idea. It started when I was fighting Panthera. He had trapped me in this cloud.”
“I’ve heard of that. The old stories are full of tales about it. Dov Lavan was
famous for it. He used it to kill everyone who got in his way, but I’ve never read about it
affecting someone like that. In fact, I’ve never read about any maker who burned like
you did.”
Ianus rubbed his chin, “My talent was especially strong last night. Everyone I
looked at was part of a web. I could see their past, present, and future.”
“Even the woman in the mask?”
“Yes, I could see right through her. Her path was particularly clear.”
“Could you tell who she is?”
“No. All of the faces on her path were clouded. I have no idea who she is.”
“Well, I do,” Daru held her tongue, “But I can’t prove it.”
“You can’t make such allegations lightly. It could destroy her reputation.”
Daru laughed, “You can’t be serious, you of all people are telling me not to do
something rash.”
“The voice of experience. Look, I have trouble when I follow my head, and when
I follow my heart. I mean. I did everything in my power to save Ihy, and look what
“You’re not still going on about that, are you? You haven’t even talked to Arun
“No, I haven’t, and I don’t expect to any time soon.”
“You don’t honestly believe that he will become an abomination. I’m tired of
hearing about it.”