Liberal Betrayal of America and the Tea Party Firestorm


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Tea Parties formed spontaneously and proved to be a remarkably representative cross-section of America. Those patriots sparked a deeply dedicated counter-attack against those who sought to bring down a great nation, and to destroy the American Dream. This FREE e-Book examines why liberals hate America, the enormous power of the Tea Party movement, and the many ways that individual citizens can act to revive the spirit and confidence of a great nation under siege. "Forceful prose...should be a hit with Republicans."—NATIONAL REVIEW OF CONSERVATIVE BOOKS. "Should be a hit with Republicans..." –The NATION IN REVIEW. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Laura Nason

This is nonsense. The American Dream is NOT only for faux patriots, billionaires and gun nuts. It is NOT a commodity only for the richest dictators in the land. The "Tea Party" is a MYTH. It's just a more fanatical part of the Republican Party and fully funded by billionaires like the Koch Brothers and promoted by the likes of Haley Barbour and Trent Lott and their ilk.


Just starting this silly book....first quote on liberalism is from Yale professor ....of computer science!!! They don't have any Yale professors in politics or history lol, don't stop there, what did the janitors say?....well, on I read.

Elmer Calkins

Would like to BUY several print it available?

Alistair Miller

Dr Eaton has taken a lot of information already available and woven it into a compelling discussion of how, from the very first, the political elites in America worked to undermine the Constitution. His commentary on the New Vicil War and the rise of the Tea Party Movement makes for good reading.

Ross Judd

Please, watch Fox news much?

Walter S Schopfer

Not much original in the book. Mostly quotes other authors and sources of which I am already aware.

Diego Sahagun

Another bit of corporate propaganda. Lack of references are expected from this phoney movement that is determined to shift control from the people to the corporations. What's scary is that the people they harm the most are the ones who fall for it.


Would highly recommend this one! Cheers.

Joseph Mauceri

Americans need to wake up and see what is really going on in America.


Satisfied my curiosity about the tea parties.


William Davis Eaton

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