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Published: 4 years ago

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They're called hunters. Professional mercenaries licensed to track down, detain and even kill criminals. For years, they have been keeping the peace, patrolling the streets and putting the scum behind bars or in the ground. But after years of success, cracks are beginning to show in the hunters armor. With diminishing crime rates, competition between hunters is getting worse. And now that they are no longer cowering in fear, the people are beginning to demand that the hunters powers be revoked. The hunters should be worried, for in times of chaos, they've been known to thrive. But in times of peace and order, they are a total liability!


Grabs your attention immediately. Is well written IMHO

bayo adepoju

It's a well conceived and beautifully delivered novel. I wish it has more pages for a more lasting reading.

J. D.

Good story. Gets you wrapped up in the action right away and doesn't stop till the end.

Tony Poppleton

Dont look behind you when you read this novel, they may be watching you. thoroughly enjoyable reading.


Matthew S. Williams

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