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The premise for this book you are about to read may change
how you perceive reality. Most of its content is based on stories
told around campfires and BBQs that became exaggerated and
distorted over time, or just plain fiction. Of the many stories
embedded in the plotline, there is one that is rarely told simply
because it was too strange and weird to repeat. It's
unbelievable. So in part this book delivers "The Scroll"
containing the Image and Mantra that relates to that story,
which will be described in the epilogue. The book was also
written based on numbers; 0,1,23 and coincidence. The
convergence of the binary numbers one & zero; and twenty
three happened so many times, that the author stopped
recording in his notes that relationship. At times when writing
this book the author would question why he was doing this at
all. Only the numbers and coincidence kept him on track to
finish what was started. Looking back over what was written he
considered two words could be changed but decided to close
the book based on the last sketch and coincidence. In the
book, that sketch relates to a photograph taken of a sunset on
Mt. Beerwah, which the author had waited forty years to take.
The triangles in relation to what's described as “fold in time,"
relates to a measurement 23mm. In the top right corner look
for three images that will appear as you rotate the pyramid.
The author calls them the Ancients relating to Aboriginal
folklore of the Glass House Mountains. In time, discover the
pathway up to 0123 metres to look towards the Ancients from
Wild Horse Mountain. While standing within the Octagon of
information transfer, absorb yourself in light reflecting off those
Ancients as time slows and stillness fills the air.
Lewis Philips