Leveraging Social Media Marketing in Food & FMCG Industry in Saudi Arabia HTML version

I invested a lot of my time, effort and expertise into this research, but of the entire thesis,
this is the only place where I can show my heart. It is the place that means the most to me
personally because I get to give out warm thanks to those who supported me and helped
me out during the very long, and at times stressful, journey leading up to this.
First and foremost, I’m thankful to Allah for ever being so gracious and generous with me
to achieve what I have achieved so far. Secondly, I thank my parents for letting me pursue
my dream and realize myself, even though till this date they still don’t really know what I
do exactly!
I’m also grateful for Ahmad Kammoun, Ashwaq Akbar, Baker Sartawi, and Nouf
AlQethami for giving me their time and allowing me to drill their minds and know what
makes them successful in what they do.
I’d like to thank every person who took the time to fill in my survey; those I personally
know and those I only have the pleasure of knowing in the beautiful world of social
Thanks also goes for those reading my thesis, believing that it can give them value and
help them maneuver social media marketing. I hope you don’t get bored half way through
it, and I wish you’d give me your honest feedback when you do manage to finish it.
Finally, although it might sound weird and conceited, but I’d like to thank myself for
never giving up, regardless of the countless times that I felt I’m in way over my head. I
constantly prove to myself that I’m stronger than I believe.
My Best Regards;
Manal “The Manalyst” Assaad