Leveraging Social Media Marketing in Food & FMCG Industry in Saudi Arabia HTML version

Social media is not a fad anymore, and marketers don’t have that as an excuse not to
pursue knowledge and research to be able to leverage its power in marketing Food and
FMCG brands in the Saudi market. The problem they faced was the lack of
understanding why some brands succeed on social media while others fail. They lacked
the knowledge to form insights on the Saudi social media scene, a clear structure for
formulating strategies, and above all what made those strategies successful. While
available literature provided some insights and knowledge, it was all dispersed across the
web and not organized as a “big picture” that gives marketers clear direction. However,
by surveying a sample of online Saudi population, observing brands’ efforts on social
networks and their outcomes, and interviewing professionals creating or supporting their
brands’ social media strategy strategies, a clear process was formed to create a strategy
that ensures success on the long run. Through research and case studies, it was deducted
that formulating a sound strategy is comprised of 5 cornerstones: Brand assessment,
brand goals, target audience analysis, tactical strategy, and measurement and evaluation.
Therefore, in summary, social media marketing and communications of the Food and
FMCG industry in Saudi Arabia is not as elusive as marketers and brands believe it is. By
following the process revealed in this research, social media can be successfully
leveraged as a sustainable communication and marketing channel.