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Author’s Comment

The author had deliberately written this e-book in story format to make it easier to read. All characters are fictitious and do not in any way represent any person alive or dead.

She understands that different organizations will have their own official format for letters hence she does not insist that you copy her format as it is. The gist is to know what information to add and what not to add in written communications.

Communications concerning an organization need to be specific and detailed enough to make it clear to successors as to the manner and type of discussion or transaction being conducted, yet the writer of said communications should also be consciously aware of the effect of such information. The author has made an effort to put together this e-book because during the course of her working years she had come across official memos and letters that either had too much or too little information. She believes that this may had happened because the writer of such communications,

1. felt compelled to explain his action
2. became personally involved in the issue
3. was unaware of the legal impact of his words
4. felt that the recipient will understand what he implies
5. did not want to appear pushy

She hopes that you will find the e-book useful. You can write your comments to apha@gmowe.ws, or you can read more samples of her work in www.gmowe.ws.