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Letter 18: 1st February, 1835

To J. Tarn, Esq.



THE last account which I had the honour of transmitting to you detailed expenses in the editing of the Mandchou Testament as far as the first two sheets of St. John. That Gospel having by the blessing of the Almighty passed through the press, and a copy of it bound, and also copies of the three other Gospels, having been forwarded to London, I snatch a moment from my occupation to give an account of my late outgoings, the sums drawn for having been considerable on account of my having many and large bills to discharge. When I last wrote, I retained in hand 75 roubles 50 copecks, of the sum of 3500 drawn for; since which sum I have drawn for the separate sums of 5000 and 500 according to the books of the Sarepta House. I had advanced to the printer in consequence of the illness of his compositors the sum of 250, which being deducted from the 5000 I shall, in order to prevent confusion, take no notice of, and proceed to give an account of the disbursement of

R. C.
5575 50
11 Jany. 1835, paid Mr. Pluchard for
one hundred and sixty-five reams
of paper at 25R. per ream, 4125
27 Dec. 1834, paid Mr. Lauffert for
the binding of St. Matthew, 450
Do. for 2 chests to contain St.
Matthew, 10
Jan. 2, 1835, to printer for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of St. John, 200
Do. for printing 6000 titles, being
sufft. for 6 of the 8 parts of the
Test., 60
Jany. 9, from 10 to 16 of St. John, 150
Do. for the casting of 6 large type,
for titles, not in Baron Schilling's
colln., the rest being furnished
by him, 4
Do. 16. From 16 to 22 of St. John, 150
Do. 22. To Mr. Lauffert for bindg.
St. Mark's Gospel, 450
Chests, 10
Do. 22,. 22 to 26 and a half of St.
John, 112 50 5721 50


The Society are therefore at the present moment further indebted to me 146R. 0C.

Should you discover at any time any inaccuracy in the accounts which I transmit, you will much oblige me by instantly making me acquainted with the same, in order that a satisfactory explanation may be given. The sacrifice of time to the correction of the manuscript and proof-sheets scarcely allows me a moment's leisure, and I am moreover compelled to superintend the printers and bookbinders, for everything goes wrong without a strict surveillance.

By the time these lines reach you the Acts of the Apostles (the Lord willing) will have passed through the press. Next week I hope to write to the Revd. J. Jowett.


I remain, etc.,



P.S. - I believe that the seven shillings may be accounted for in this manner. I charged seven POUNDS for my passage to Hamburg, whereas I paid seven GUINEAS.