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Letter 14: 1st October, 1834

To John Jackson, Esq.


OCTR. 1 (old style), 1834, ST. PETERSBURG.

MY DEAR SIR, - I am exceedingly sorry that you should have had the trouble of writing to me to no purpose; for in respect to the letter, which it seems by your favour of the 29th ult. you committed to a private hand to be forwarded to me, I beg leave to state that I have never received it, or heard anything of it. I must earnestly intreat that in future all letters relating to business be despatched by the regular post, otherwise great inconvenience and misunderstanding will be the result. Private individuals seldom give themselves the slightest trouble to deliver letters. If they chance to fall in with the persons for whom they are intended - well and good! if not, the letters are flung aside and forgotten. In respect to the monies furnished me by our friend Mr. Tarn for my journey I have sent an account of the disbursement on the other side, and also of what I have expended already upon the Mandchou New Testament, of which ST. MATTHEW'S GOSPEL HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND ST. MARK'S ENTERED UPON.

I remain, my dear Sir, most truly yours,




To J. Tarn, Esq.,




Account of the disbursement of certain monies received by me for my journey to St. Petersburg in the service of the B. S.:-


Received of Mr. Tarn (if I mistake not) 30 pounds, and 7 pounds, making together 37 pounds.


Paid for fare to Hamburg by steam-boat, diet not included, 7 pounds, 0s 0d


For expenses of conveying myself and baggage to the custom-house wharf, and of getting on board, 0 pounds, 6s, 0d


Carry forward, 7 pounds, 6s, 0d


Brought forward 7 pounds, 6s, 0d

Expenses on board the packet, viz. diet, servants, and baggage fees at Stade on the Hanoverian coast, 1 pound, 9s, 0d
Expenses attending my landing at Hamburg, conveyg. baggage to the hotel, etc., 0 pounds, 5s, 0d

Expenses on the day of my arrival, for medical advice, physic, etc., having been seized by severe illness, 0 pounds, 7s, 0d


Expenses during three days' sojourn at Hamburg, viz. for lodging, diet, and VALET DE PLACE, 1 pound, 19s, 0d


Expenses of journey to Lubeck, namely hire of calash, driver, etc., 1 pound, 10s, 0d


Expenses of two days' sojourn at Lubeck, 1 pound, 7s, 0d


Expenses for removal of baggage to the river-side and journey down the river Trave to steam-boat at Travemunde, 0 pound, 7s, 0d


Fare from Travemunde to St. Petersburg, diet not included, 1 pound, 0s, 0d


For diet, servants, etc., 1 pound, 17s, 6d


Total, 27 pounds, 7s, 6d


Surplus of money, 9 pounds, 12s, 6d

From which surplus of 9 pounds, 12s. 6d. are to be deducted 7 pounds, 4s., or the salary of twelve days not drawn for, which twelve days were spent in the journey. The salary commencing from the hour of embarcation.

Surplus due to Mr. Tarn, 2 pounds, 8s, 6d

MY DEAR SIR, - At the expiration of this quarter I shall draw for the sum of 47 pounds, 11s. 6d. instead of the usual 50 pounds, whereby my account with you will be liquidated. I have, according to your suggestion when we parted, deducted the salary of the days passed in journeying from the money which I received from you, Messrs. Simondsen having received advice to pay me from the day of my arrival at St. Petersburg, whereas by the words of my agreement (see books) the salary commences from the time of embarcation. I believe, previous to my departure, that I accounted to you for the sums advanced for passports. I have had the good fortune, as I suppose you are aware, to procure for 25 roubles per ream the paper for which I was originally asked 60, and of which previously the very lowest price has ever been 35. This paper is far superior to that for which the Society formerly paid 40 (and which was not dear at 40), being far stronger and more glossy. You will particularly oblige me by taking care that Messrs. Simondsen's drafts are honored without the slightest delay. If I were unable to pay for the paper at the stated time I should probably be arrested, and, what would be far more lamentable, the contract with the merchants would be broken; and upon a fresh contract I could not obtain the paper in question for less than 60 roubles per ream, for the winter has already come upon us, during which most of the paper manufactories are at a stand-still, and an order for paper would be consequently given under every possible disadvantage. I have forwarded, according to your desire, an account of the sums of money hitherto drawn for, and of the manner in which they have been disbursed. I intended to have reserved my account for Christmas, by which season I hope, with the blessing of God, to have brought out the four Gospels. Excuse these hasty lines, and believe me, dear Sir, ever yours,