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Letter 37: 30th May, 1836
To the Rev. A. Brandram
(ENDORSED: recd. June 4, 1836)
[MADRID], MONDAY NIGHT, half p. 11, MAY 30.
THE post will presently depart, therefore I have no time to lose. Every thing,
thank God, is again tranquil, and it appears that the present Ministry will stand its
ground. I am just returned from the house of one of the Ministers; I can
consequently speak pretty positively. The Queen will not accept their
resignations, and the army is on their side. The Cortes have been dissolved. The
whole Cabinet are of opinion that my petition is just and reasonable and ought to
be granted. I have been requested to appear next Thursday at the Office, when I
expect to receive the permission, or to hear that steps have been taken towards
making it out.
The reason of Mr. Mendizabal's resignation was his inability to accomplish the
removal of General Cordova from the head of the army. It is not for me to offer an
opinion on the General's military talents, but he is much beloved by the soldiers,
whose comforts and interests he has much attended to; to deprive him of
command would therefore be attended with danger. I have no complaint to make
against Mr. M.; he is a kind, well-meaning man, and had he remained in office I
have no doubt that he would have acceded to my petition.
I hope you will pray that God will grant me wisdom, humbleness of spirit, and
success in all that is right.