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This short book will give you the essence of the Guide on the Side philosophy.
You can photocopy this book.
You can get the ebook and share it. Go to www.Scribd.com/theebookman and look
for “Let’s Lecture Less 2012 edition.” Download the free ebook and email it to friends
and colleagues. Or request the ebook by writing to TheEbookman@gmail.com.
Click on the links in the list of websites and sign up for interesting materials.
Give this book (send the ebook) to friends, teachers, students and directors of schools.
You can be part of the transformation. Why not photocopy and put up the posters at the
end of this book?
The purpose of this book is to:
a) Give you quotes to stimulate your thoughts,
b) Attract like-minded people together through the Internet,
c) Introduce you to GuideOnTheSide.com and
d) Transform schools.
Find the Facebook page “Guide on the Side.”
There are videos to support the message of the book. Find them at
youtube.com/VisualAndActive and youtube.com/aguideontheside.
This is a non-profit effort. Any money made by selling the book will be put back into
donations of the book. This book was printed through Lulu.com and the price was
selected to raise 50 cents per book, enough to cover the cost of buying two trees (a
donation to www.TreesForTheFuture.org, also called www.Plant-Trees.org).
Please collaborate to spread this book and its message. Creative Commons:
Share this book and make it clear where you got the photos and commentaries.
Copyright 2012 by Steve McCrea. Also available in print, published on
CreateSpace.com -- Don’t buy the book: Ask for a photocopy and get the ebook by
writing to TheEbookman@gmail.com
Let’s Lecture Less FreeEnglishLessons@gmail.com