Let’s Get Organized! - Easy and Simple Strategies to Getting (and Staying) Organized HTML version

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Remembering to Organize 5
Say Good-bye to Clutter 7
Best Secrets to Getting and Staying Organized 8
The Emotional Toll of CLUTTER 9
Turn Clutter into Harmony 11
An Orderly Life 12
Let Good Order Reign! 14
Getting Rid of “Stuff” 15
The Art of Organization 17
A Few Good Organizing Tips and Tricks 18
Determining your Home-Style 19
Clever Home and Family Management 21
Have Time on your Side 22
Organize a Bit at a Time 24
Organize your junk drawer 24
Organize your laundry room 25
Organize your children 26
Organize your garage 27
Organize your child’s study habits 29
Organize your kitchen 31
Put the Word “Organize” Back into your Life 32
Timesaving Tips 32
12 Simple Ways to Organize 34
C.O.P.E. 35
Organize your Move 36
Organize your Home Office 37
Organize your Workspace 41
Hire an Organizer 42
Take Control of Chronic Disorganization 43
Smart Time Management Just for Moms 45
A Final Home Organizing 48
The Benefits of Being Organized 50
More Resources 52