Lessons From Internet Marketing HTML version

a short foreword
I don't mean to sound like a drama mama, but my life has been absolutely transformed ever
since I found internet marketing.
And it’s not just about the financial benefits, although that is one of the most desirable
outcomes, for sure.
Well, 25th June is 2007 is my 23rd birthay, and I was planning to release my first WSO in the
Warrior Forum, with the proceeds as a gift to myself!
I brainstormed for a long time, and considered the various things I could write about.
And then it just struck me.
On a significant day such as my birthday, what in the world am I doing, trying to earn a gift
for myself amongst a community that has played such a vital role in my growth?
I then remembered reading this post about sharing information with each other amongst
internet marketers, and then using the knowledge gained, to go out and conquer other
markets, instead of fighting amongst ourselves. I like the way it sounds.
That's it.
There are still so many struggling internet marketers out there, just like myself months ago,
struggling to make some decent income from the internet.
Instead of trying to earn a monetary gift for myself, I've decided to do something different;
from there, this report was born.
It's time to give back.
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