Legends of the Sith HTML version

well-being for them, for nothing. I also know that, in comparison, all the
suffering you have endured is nothing when compared to the absolute
anguish you have felt because of her. She hurt you. For no reason, she
betrayed you. You loved her with your soul and in return she ripped it
from your body, only to toss it away like another meaningless toy!”
Rhaine surged to his feet, a tremendous energy surging through his
body, filling the man with dark ecstasy. He felt himself screaming, but the
voice was one he had never heard before, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”
Rhaine lashed out at the man before him. Although his fist came
nowhere near connecting, the dark robed man flew backward, landing
prone twenty feet away.
Darth Iratus climbed to his feet, laughing as he brushed off his
robes. “Yes! Yes! Now you know; you can feel the power of the dark
side flowing through you! You can feel your true potential!”
Rhaine could not deny the man‟s words. A power swirled through
his veins, heightened his senses. For the first time in his life, Rhaine
Panbreedle felt truly alive. How wrong he had been to doubt this man,
Darth Iratus, the only one who knew his suffering, the only one who cared.
Iratus‟ voice no longer sounded ominous or dark, it was a voice filled with
truth, with love.