Legends of the Sith HTML version

Anything you have desired, you have destroyed. Anything you
have touched, you have tainted and tarnished.”
Tears streamed down Rhaine‟s cheeks, his body racked by
uncontrollable sobs. Placing his head in his hands, he tried to protest,
tried to deny the man‟s claims, but Rhaine‟s voice was barely more than a
whimper, “No…please…no!”
The shadow man gripped Rhaine‟s shoulder tighter.
“I alone know how you suffer, I alone can help you. I understand
your misery. I have felt it, too. I assure you it is not your fault. You are
indeed meant for great things, you only have to embrace your true
potential. Let go, allow your emotions to surge through you. Feel the
power created by your suffering, created by your mistreatment, created by
your rage.”
Rhaine‟s breath came in gasps. The darkness swelling in his chest
felt as if it would crush his heart and tear it from his body at any moment.
The entire universe seemed to fade away, swirling away into nothing, until
all that remained was a voice inside his head.
“Your failures are not your own. You have extended yourself
selflessly for others, for those you care about, and they repaid you with
betrayal. Those you care most about care least about you. Search your
feelings; you know it to be true. I know how you have sacrificed your own