Legends of the Sith HTML version

Rhaine Panbreedle fell to his knees in front of the dark robed figure
that stood before him. Deep within Rhaine‟s chest, inside the very core of
his being, a storm raged, growing more intense with every passing
second. Memories of pain, anger and anguish rushed up from the long
forgotten depths of the young man‟s soul, filling Rhaine‟s thoughts with
dark and ominous desires. He could hear the blood rushing in his ears,
each beat of his heart sending a wave of agony pulsing through his body.
The man standing before him, seemingly a demon cloaked in shadow,
extended a hand, placing it upon Rhaine‟s shoulder. It felt like ice, like
death. The being spoke, a terrible voice that had haunted Rhaine‟s
nightmares, a voice that belonged in a crypt.
“You can no longer deny the true nature of your being. I know the
pain you feel. It is pain caused by others. Your entire life you have known
you were meant for something greater, yet those around you have held
you back.”
Rhaine shook his head, tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn‟t
bear to listen to any more of the dark man‟s evaluation, yet he could not
escape; there was no escaping the truth.
“You are talented; your life should have been a success. Yet it
seems that every endeavor you undertake ends in failure, ends in tragedy.