Legends, Traditions, and Laws of the Iroquois, or Six Nations, and History of the Tuscarora Indians


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1881 comprehensive study that questions white prejudices. "In all the early histories of the American Colonies, in the stories of Indian life and the delineations of Indian character, these children of nature are represented as savages and barbarians, and in the mind of a large portion of the community the sentiment still prevails that they were blood-thirsty, revengeful, and merciless, justly a terror to both friends and foes. Children are impressed with the idea that an Indian is scarcely human, and as much to be feared as the most ferocious animal of the forest.But I am inclined to think that Indians are not alone in being savage--not alone barbarous, heartless, and merciless."

Lee Reed

I am grieved when I think of the treatment Native Americans received at the hands of my ancestors. I knew about some of the events, particularly the Trail of Tears, but this book shows how the atrocities started much earlier than that. This is a book that should be read by every American especially now as we think about the new direction we want our country to take.

Harold Gibbins

A classic study of Native American life.

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