Ledman Pickup HTML version

"Your package has experienced an exception.”
Zoey Bridges stared at the words on her laptop
screen, puzzled and confused. Packages don't have
experiences, she thought, and in any case, how can
an exception be experienced? What does that even
mean? It was some moments before she realized
what the shipping company was telling her. They
had lost her box. It was gone. Missing in action.
Misplaced. Disappeared.
"Oh no!" she exclaimed, "It can't be! Not now! Not
"Oh no!" she repeated herself, backing away from
the laptop in fear of unleashing her rage on the
thing. This was worse than 'oh no'!
She backed up all the way to her living room
window, which was open to the street two stories
below and caught her backside just enough to keep
her from taking the plunge. Frantically, she scanned
the room for any small objects that had the potential
to be smashed or thrown or stomped on without
causing too much damage to anything else. It was
times like these that she wished her mother was still
alive and still giving her those hideous little glass
animals for Christmas. "I could use a little glass
animal right now,” she thought. "I'd snap its ears