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Learn How To Play Poker Like A Pro
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Official poker rules
Basic Poker Terms:
Hand: Hand represents to the particular combination of cards held by
the player.
Play: A single game, from one shuffle to the next is called a play.
Pot: The accumulation or pool of money bet by players during the
game is referred to as pot. The game is a contest for a pot of money,
which builds in the course of play of each hand.
Hand Tie: If two players have the same hand then they divide the pot
between them. When the pool is not exactly divisible then the left over
amount goes to the player who called the highest bet.
Ante: Money the players put into the pot before they see their cards.
Antes are also called blind bets.
Rake: It is a commission charged by the poker rooms as a small
amount of the total pot won at the end of most hands. This is their
only source of revenue.