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Staff Motivation and Effective Leadership Skills
Here is a simple but effective way of increasing your leadership skills in motivating
Firstly make sure you have an understanding of what motivation means,
secondly consider how motivation occurs and finally look at ways of how you
as a manager can begin to build into your Leadership skills motivational
practices at work.
To begin when thinking about motivating staff you need to have the definition of
motivation in mind. It is widely agreed that motivation is the internal condition that
activates behavior and gives it direction; and that it also energizes and directs goal-
oriented behavior.
How does this occur in the workplace?
When looking at your managerial skills in staff motivation you will also need to begin
considering the key concepts of motivation:
Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic motivation
• Intrinsic motivation mainly comes from rewards inherent to a s task or activity itself
best viewed as the joy of doing a job. Research in this area which you may find
useful is based on the work of Fritz Heider, Bandura and Deci.
• Extrinsic motivation is generally something that comes from outside of the
performer or worker and there is no great surprise when I say that an example of this
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