Leadership Seminar (hosting Shane Willard) HTML version

Yeah. Like when you're living, don't play with your own poop right? Don't go and do that
- bad plan. And how many of you would have any problem with that?
No one's raising their hand, going: wait a minute Shane, you're putting us back under
the law. We should be able to play with our own poop if we want!
Leviticus says: do not handle your own body excrement. But the word of the Lord that
came to Ezekiel saying: I want you to cook food, and use your own poop as fuel! Can
you imagine that?
Can you imagine me coming in here tonight saying: hey everybody, I got a project for us
to do: on your way out the door, the ushers have a little Tupperware container for you,
and we've got to all take a little visit to the bathroom. Then we're going to bring it back in
here, we're going to cook ourselves a meal. We're going to see how well this works.
God has told me to do that!
Most people would say: “God would never say that”! Well, be careful. If you want to say:
hey, I'm not with you there - I don't think God's saying that - that's one thing. But to say:
God would never?
God told the same guy: I want you to lay naked on your front lawn for 140 days - 70
days on one side, 70 days on the other.
Imagine driving by my house and... Shane, what are you doing! God told me to. People
say: “God wouldn't tell you to do that”! He did to somebody.
Remember in the first Century, Peter shows up, and he almost starts a riot. What did he
do? He shows up at a first Century leadership meeting, and he's chewing on some pork
rinds. They said: what are you doing? He said: oh, Jesus showed up to me in a dream,
and He told me: all foods are clean. Can you imagine?
Can you imagine, if like the Pentecostal Church World Council was there, and
somebody shows up and says: oh yeah, I know it clearly says in the Bible don't eat
pork. It clearly says that - don't eat pork; but Jesus showed up to me in a dream, and He
told me I could.
We would have branded him as a false prophet; but we look back and we say: yeah,
Peter did it, I can do it. We make doctrine out of it; but then we're hypocritical, because
we say: “oh, God would never tell you to do something apart from the Bible”.
God told people to do stuff all the time that makes no sense. We've got to be springs,
and not bricks. We've got to seek God. You say: Shane, how do you handle all that? I
don't know - I just know it's there, and I know in this passage in Luke, Jesus Himself is
telling 72 people: