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The same thing is true with us! Now this strategy was familiar to Jesus as well. Look at
Luke 10. To demonstrate the power of God, within the disposition of messiah, gives us
the credibility to speak life into whatever situation we want to speak into.
We have moved away from that, as a culture, and as a church. Most churches do not:
demonstrate, then announce; we announce, and then hope demonstration comes.
Luke 10:6, Jesus is talking, so this is red letters; and Jesus is a Hebrew rabbi, talking to
major followers of Him. He's talking to key leadership in His movement.
Now follow me here, because there's stuff here we have to wrestle with; and before I
even read it, I'm going to tell you: I don't know the answer to some of it - and that's okay.
I'm so glad that I serve a God that I can't figure out all the answers about Him, because
if I served a God that I knew all the answers about Him, I'd be scared that I had chosen
the wrong one.
Luke 10:6-8 says: “after this, the Lord appointed 72 others to go ahead of Him” - to pave
the way. He gave them some instructions, and this is what He says: “When you come
into a town and are welcomed, eat whatever is placed before you, heal the sick there,
and then announce that this is the kingdom of God”.
Can you believe that? Jesus Christ, the Hebrew rabbi Jesus Christ, is telling His
followers: when you go to spread this message of the kingdom of God, this is how you
do it: go into a place, eat - listen to this instruction: eat whatever is placed before you.
Now how revolutionary is that? He's telling a bunch of Jews, that when you go into a
Gentiles house, you are free to eat whatever is placed before you.
In other words, this kingdom movement is bigger than your personal propriety. In other
words, be the more mature, swallow your pride, and if they throw some bacon down -
how about it!
So Jesus appears to be giving instructions that would go directly against what the Torah
said; which kind of goes against this whole notion of: God wo uld never tell you to do
something apart from the Bible. That sounds good, and it's probably pretty good
personal boundaries, but it just doesn't work all the time.
Last session we talked about Samson - was it God's will, to continually escalate
something into violence? No, but God used the basic human condition to judge the
The Bible says: “do not marry Gentiles”, and “stone prostitutes”; but the word of the Lord
came to Hosea, saying: “marry that Gentile prostitute”.
The Bible says (the Torah says): do not - this is so good, you ready for this? This is so
good. This is revolutionary - do not touch your own poop. It's a really good plan right?