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Another god was Adonis. Now Adonis, the religion around Adonis originated in 200BC
as well, and his followers believed: that he was born of a virgin; he was referred to as
„the son of god’; and his followers believed that he died and rose again, in order to save
human kind. That was Adonis.
The longest-standing god of the region was a god named Horus (what a horrible name
for a god). Horus is the red-neck god of deer-hunting! Actually it is his name, Horus -
and the religion that worshiped Horus originated in 1500BC; so 1500 years before
Christ, this religion started.
Horus was born of a virgin named Isis, so the virgin goddess Isis gave birth to Horus -
so he's the son of this virgin goddess. When he was a child, foreign kings came and
brought him gifts as acts of worship. Horus eventually dies, and rose from the dead, in
order to conquer death and bring life to his followers. That is Horus.
Then of course you had Julius Caesar, who died in 17BC - and 12 witnesses saw a
strange star in the sky, which they said was him “ascending to the right hand of the
bigger gods”.
So Paul comes into Corinth, and he calls a town meeting, saying: come, I have
something to tell you about my faith. Paul comes into Corinth, and he breaks out a 19 -
page doctrinal statement; and he says:
Hey listen, I serve a man. His name is Jesus, and He was actually God in the flesh, and
here's how I know He was God in the flesh: He was born of a virgin, He was worshiped
by shepherds; there was a strange star in the sky, which substantiated His birth. He
actually was killed by being hung on a cross - but don't worry about that, He rose from
the dead, and that conquered death, and gave life to all His followers - His name's
The people in Corinth in first Century would be like: that is so cool - us too! Hey, we
serve Mithra - that happened to him too. We serve Addis - that sounds like him too. We
served Horus - that happened to him as well.
So your God was born of a virgin, your God put flesh on, and was born of a virgin; there
was a strange star in the sky that substantiated it; foreign kings bringing gifts. He was
hung on a tree; and He died, and rose from the dead, in order to bring life instead of
death for everyone who follows Him. You're kidding me - us too!
So Paul says that “his strategy changed in Corinth”, and instead of making fine-
sounding arguments that Jesus was the Christ - he didn't do that at all. Actually, what he
did was, he demonstrated what Jesus' life looked like, by living it out; and then that gave
him the credibility to announce that the kingdom of God was at hand.