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If you're willing to just make that word of faith confession tonight, just out loud after me,
with some gusto, say it this way: Jesus, [Jesus,] Your way [Your way] is the best way [is
the best way] for my life [for my life.]
And Lord, we proclaim that regardless of heaven and hell, we would still follow You,
even if we could go to heaven without You, for Your way is the best way for my life.
Maybe right now before you leave, because we've got a few minutes, I just want you to
do some business there with God. Maybe I just feel inside to do this. Maybe you're here
tonight with your spouse, and now with head bowed and eyes closed, maybe you've
been guilty of some of this escalation, and maybe you just need to reach over and take
your wife, or take your husband by the hand, and just give it a quick squeeze and say:
hey, it's going to be okay. It's kind of your way of saying: it's going to be okay, we're
going to stop this now.
Maybe you're here tonight and you have children, and things have escalated with them,
and you just need to agree together that it's going to be okay. Maybe as a community of
people, maybe just individually right where you are, you need to make a conscious
decision to stand against the wiles of the devil that says: it's the best life to escalate. It's
never the best life to escalate. It's always the best life to be a peace maker. Maybe
that's what we need to do.
God bless you tonight to know that you serve Jesus, and Jesus believes in you more
than you believe in Him. God bless you tonight to know that you're leaders in God's
biggest idea. He's got this huge plan for us, in Jesus' name. Amen.
[Pastor Mike takes up an offering for Shane]
Great to have you here. Great river of life. We're going to just take up an offering right
now, and just honor God in giving. One of the things I noticed: Noah believed the word
of God. He had a word from God in his generation, and he believed it. It's really
amazing how, as a man of God, he took hold of what God said in His day, acted on
what God said, and then became a pioneer of faith in his generation.
The Bible tells us that straight after the earth had been destroyed, and the ark came to
rest, that he offered a sacrifice. Interesting, you'd think that the last thing you would do,
when all the animals and everything has been wiped out, and there's only just an ark full
of animals left in the whole world. You'd think the last thing a person would consider
doing, is to take them, and to start to offer some to the Lord. Quite extraordinary really,
isn't it?
But this just shows you, just in Noah's heart, just a heart of gratitude for the word that
God had given to him, for the grace that God had given to him, to be able to walk in
what he'd been shown; and he expressed it by building an altar, and making an offering
to the Lord.